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Trade in your gold for cash

Gold has reached a new record high. Gold is up around 17 percent so far in 2011, and if that remains the case, this year would be the eleventh successive year of price rises. UBS bank has raised its three-month price forecast to $1,850, from $1,600.

Why not take advantage of this and trade in your old gold that you just don’t wear any more. We test and weigh the gold paying you based on the daily gold and US:NZ dollar exchange rate. We can either put that towards new jewellery or we can just pay you the cash.Call in any time. Certain conditions apply.

Buy investment stones

Well selected stones will increase in value over time. Examples of investment stones are diamonds over one carat of generally higher colour and clarity. The reason for their investment value is that there are a limited number of diamonds of this quality. Over time demand will increase and supplies will slowly diminish. See our Heirloom Diamonds page or contact us for advice on selecting your diamond.

Worth noting is that diamonds are not the only investment stone to consider. As China grows in wealth at break neck speed the demand for top quality emeralds, sapphires and rubies is increasing. Once again the supply of top quality gems of this nature is finite. Now is a great time to invest in good stock of these stones. We have access to exceptional sapphires, stunning rubies and exquisite emeralds. As China’s wealthy increases, so to will their demand and so too will the value of your gems. Contact us for advice on this.

Valuations, Appraisals, Identification

Consider the last time you had your jewellery valued. Not having current valuations is like playing Russian Roulette.

God forbid if you are in the situation where you no longer have a piece of jewellery and you need to make an insurance claim, if you do not have proof of value or even proof of existence insurance companies can be reluctant to pay out. This is the reality.

Don’t leave it to chance. If you have up to date valuations the procedure is that much less stressful and more often than not your insurance company will pay out on the full replacement value of the items based on those valuations Johnny Sherry is qualified to appraise jewellery as an Accredited International Appraiser and member of Appraisers International Society.

After loss valuations

If you are in the situation where you have lost, stolen, or damaged jewellery, we will work for you at no charge to provide detailed after loss valuations of your jewellery. If you are not sure of the procedure, please do call. We are happy to help you through this stressful time. It is important to see us, even if you have a valuation as your jewellery may well have appreciated in value since your valuation was done. Your policy should be based on the value today. We can provide a quote for your insurance company to this manner.

watch servicing

As well as the usual battery and watch replacing we also undertake water pressure testing, seal replacement and full servicing. We can do this for models including European brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Tag Heuer, as well as the popular brands like Seiko, Citizen, Casio etc.